Retirement Management Analyst® (RMA®) Graduates – Keeping Up With Your Annual Re-certification

If you are an RMA® Graduate (or if you’re thinking about joining this select group), how do you make sure your certification remains valid and in good standing with RIIA®?  It’s easy!

Once a year, on the anniversary of your official certification as a new RMA Graduate, submit a short summary of the continuous education (CE) activities you completed during the year.  You’ll find the Annual Re-Certification form and other details on the RIIA website –, under the tab “Become an RMA.”  Click here:

Complete the form (electronically or in paper form) and pay your annual dues (which include your free, individual membership with RIIA), and you can continue to use the RMA designation.  It’s that easy.

Here’s how to keep it simple: During the year, track your CE-approved activities.   These include attending webinars (live or replay), peer reviewing Retirement Management Journal® (RMJ®) articles, attending the annual conference (RIIA’s 2016 Summer Conference is July 18th & 19th), reading RMJ papers and other RIIA-specific activities.  In addition, some CE activities for other certifications such as CFP or CFA, can also provide you credit.  You’ll need to review those in advance with Francois Gadenne, [email protected].

Attending the online RMA class through Salem State University is an excellent refresher and provides you with enough CE hours to cover you for two years (you’ll still need to pay the annual fee).  The next RMA class begins September 28th through Salem State University’s online program.

More questions?  Contact Francois Gadenne, [email protected].

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