The RMA® Experience

Here’s what RMAs are saying…

“Up until now there hasn’t been any formal training available to teach advisors the important differences between planning for accumulation and planning for retirement income. The Retirement Income Industry Association® (RIIA) is changing that. They developed a specialized curriculum one studies to become an RMA, or Retirement Management Analyst®. The material is fabulous and offers a tremendous amount of insight into the difference between accumulating assets and ‘decumulating’ assets.”
~ Dana Anspach

“One thing I have learned in 30 plus years of investing is that if you stop learning you stop growing. The RMA program was an excellent learning experience. It brings a different and very relevant point of view. I feel it is so important that I am urging everyone at the firm to take it.”
~ George Bernard

“As a RIIA Board member, I wanted to “walk the talk”. I took the RMA course to evaluate it as a form of independent quality assurance, providing a report back to the Board of Directors. I can say that I wholeheartedly support the program.”
~ Adam Bryan

“I acquired the RMA designation to help mid-to-small companies with their retirement planning, as well as underserved segments of our communities, to help them build security and financial freedom in their senior years.”
~ Manuel Espinosa

“As an advisor focused on helping teachers, principals, and other government employees with their retirement planning, I found the RMA designation to be a valuable addition to my existing education and licensing, which includes an MBA, a Juris Doctor (J.D.), Series 7 and Series 65 securities license, a California Insurance Life and Property and Casualty licenses, and a CTEC Registered Tax Preparer.”
~Martin C. Johnson

“In the process of preparing for and taking the RMA exam, I realized how much I’ve learned about retirement planning that I never before understood. RIIA’s approach is not just more comprehensive, it places a sharp focus on the risk-management techniques that both advisors and retirees really need to understand and implement. I believe that any practitioner who is concerned about succeeding in retirement planning would benefit enormously from the practical insights conveyed by the RMA program.”
~ David Macchia

“There is a tremendous amount of newly organized information about the process of planning for retirement income in the RMA curriculum. The concept of mastering the balance sheet is particularly useful and relevant. The 5 spoke approach is an excellent organizing structure. And, the online training tool is outstanding, bringing the art and the science of retirement income planning to life.”
~ Marcia Mantell

“I can already tell how the RMA coursework has changed the way I perceive my client’s risks exposures and how the “safety first” mantra of RIIA is permeating everything I do. I believe that as time passes and the retiree population grows further there will be an increasing desire to utilize income experts and retirement savvy planners. Additionally I believe that the RMA coursework puts me at the advantage when it comes to speaking to clients concisely about their retirement needs and puts me on the cutting edge of retirement portfolio construction.”
~Lucas Minton

“I found it interesting to utilize the RMA Toolkit to do my own Household Balance Sheet — incorporating joint retirement savings, my new pension, and the combined Human and Social capital of myself and my wife. The RMA case study was a good model for my own real-world application.”
~ Brad Noren

“What I like best about the RMA is the combination of intellectual leadership and practical application. Inclusion of both components is crucial for success in an area as rapidly changing and expanding as retirement income planning.”
~ Christine Russell