Benefits Summary

The benefits of RIIA® Membership and Sponsorship

RIIA has a 10 year track record of value-creation for its members and sponsors.

In addition, RIIA’s communications channels promote this value-creation to its 1,000+ membership, the 2,000 industry thought-leaders who signed up for the daily New&Views, the 8,000+  LinkedIn Group, and its public website,

These communications channels include:

  • Permanent display on the home page of RIIA’s website of the logo of sponsors during the period of sponsorship:
  • News&Views
    • See the left-slide “slider” on Home Page for the current News&Views:
  • Push e-mail of the current News&Views
    • Currently sent to 2,000 signed-in thought-leaders
  • Twice-a-month Virtual Learning Center (VLC) webinars
    • Registration is open to both members and the public.  Click the “Learn” icon for a list of past webinars.
  • “Between the Issues” White Papers
    • Published when the importance and timeliness of a paper cannot wait for publication in the next issue of the Retirement Management Journal®.
  • The Retirement Management Journal
    • Published quarterly subject to sponsorship.
  • RIIA’s Conferences
    • Once a year membership conference followed by the Retirement Management Analyst® (RMA®) Master Class.
  • RIIA’s books for advisors on Amazon
    • Journals and curriculum books are published on Amazon because of RIIA’s worldwide audience and membership.
  • RIIA’s books for Clients on Amazon

If the gaps in your retirement advisory process or institutional practices put you and your clients at risk, RIIA provides members with the market’s best performing asset: Validated Knowledge.

RIIA gives you access to ten years of client-focused experience with researchers and peers who belong to a thousand-strong network of clients, advisors, vendors, distributors and manufacturers.

Together, we are building the most objective, rigorous, comprehensive and tool-enabled body of knowledge for retirement income planning in the Fiduciary Age.

Join, sponsor, or partner with RIIA to receive:

  • Access to the broadest peer-reviewed thought-leadership
    • More than 8,000 members in RIIA’s LinkedIn Group, 1,000+ individual members, 37 special advisors to the Board, 25 award winners and 44 RMA curriculum authors
  • Receive proprietary as well as private-label research and publications
    • Membership diversity provides objective evaluation of data and new concepts
  • Develop a holistic client view based on structural independence from silo bias
    • Cross-silo funding makes us independent of product or delivery mechanism
  • Learn from a validated client-facing designation that provides practical training
    • The RMA curriculum is based on the broadest academic thought-leadership and the most diverse practitioner validation
  • Tune in on the most connected place for keeping up with the pulse of everything retirement
    • Our 10 years of industry presence, influence and experience come from the largest and continuously growing cross-silo network