RIIA® offers a 10+ year track record of successful delivery of 19 membership conferences attended by senior-level retirement industry executives, thought leaders, advisors and retirement-focused media.

50% C-level executives/Principals/SVPs
50% Advisors, Attorneys, Accountants
6 Retirement Management Analyst® boot-camps in academic venues, attracting 25 to 50 attendees each
80% Advisors, Attorneys, Accountants
20% Academics, Consultants

Attracted top keynote speakers, including: Meir Statman, Ray Kurzweil, Terry Burham, Bruce Sterling, Victor Davis Hanson, Frank Casey, Herb Meyer, Dirk Cotton

Presented Thought Leadership, Lifetime Achievement and other awards to individuals including:  Zvi Bodie, Moshe Milevsky, Larry Kotlikoff, Olivia Mitchell, Richard Thaler, Shlomo Benartzi, Jeff Brown, Brigitte Madrian.

These events provide a unique opportunity to raise visibility with industry leaders and advisors through RIIA’s outreach on its website, 8,000 strong LinkedIn Group, 1,000 paying members and media coverage around the conference.

Contact Francois Gadenne at [email protected] to sponsor the 2017 RIIA Summer Conference at Salem State University.