Advisor Tools

RIIA®’s structural objectivity makes it a natural map-maker for the entire retirement territory. Comprehensive and inclusive map-making is the basis of the Retirement Management Analyst® (RMA®) curriculum as summarized in RIIA’s Procedural Prudence Map SM.

RIIA offers a clear, step-by-step framework to apply to your clients’ needs that is easy to explain and differentiates you from other providers.  The RMA online course curriculum, taught by industry thought leaders, covers the Procedural Prudence Map and key concepts RIIA and its members have developed and championed over the last decade including Measures of FundednessSM, the Household Balance Sheet View (HHBS)SM and Retirement Allocations.  These concepts are the basis of RIIA’s assets and liabilities matching and risk management-based approach to retirement income planning.

R-MAP Planner
R-MAP Planner™ is a comprehensive Excel-based planning tool based on the RIIA’s income floor/upside method for the RMA designation. R-MAP™ is a 75-year, full lifecycle planning tool with separate pre-retirement and retirement balance sheets and financial capital portfolios. R-MAP automatically determines income floor and upside from the household balance sheet, provides the fully integrated Floor Builder feature for creating risk-free income ladders from CDs, bonds, zeros, TIPS, and annuities, shows before and after Floor Builder full-plan cash flow timelines, and before and after upside portfolio allocations. There’s no other tool like it!

R-MAP is available “risk-free” as a 30-day money-back trial. Download the tool and share your reactions and suggestions—either privately to [email protected] or publicly as a review on the product page.