Research Committee

RIIA®’s Research Committee brings together many of the retirement industry’s most creative and forward looking professionals who share RIIA’s View Across the Silos℠ philosophy.  Committee members partner with each other and member companies to develop new thought leadership and white papers with the goal of improving retirement outcomes.

The Research Committee’s mission is to:

  • Identify, develop and share retirement research and concepts with retirement-focused firms and product manufacturers, regulators and the public.
  • Leverage RIIA’s Virtual Learning Center, Retirement Management Journal®, Retirement Management Analysts® and committee members to generate and present multiple white papers and practice management summaries each year.
  • Draw upon RIIA’s Procedural Prudence map to target key concepts to be addressed by the Committee.
  • Through RIIA, RIIA members and industry communications platforms, maximize the impact, influence and visibility of research by committee members and sponsors.

If you are interesting in finding out more, contact Kim McSheridan at [email protected].