Financial Advisor Magazine Surveys the Post-DOL Landscape

Financial Advisor Magazine surveyed industry leaders including RIIA® on the post-DOL landscape as it relates to Annuities in a recently published story.  Click here to read the story.

RIIA’s focus has been consistent with its philosophy – retirement planning starts with the client.  This approach was prophylactic and protective for the members who used it before the DOL Rule. It is also prophylactic and protective after the Rule, whatever may happen to the Rule by way of challenges.

RIIA’s Co-Founder, Chairman and Executive director Francois Gadenne was among the experts quoted.

“What we saw primarily from DOL was a focus on the client,” says François Gadenne, Chairman and Executive Director of the Boston-based Retirement Income Industry Association and the President and CEO of Retirement Engineering, an R&D company that designs proprietary insurance and investment products.  “Whatever may or may not be in there, we’re just pleased that it’s intended to create a client focus.”

The article notes that’s the idea behind the stricter fiduciary standard—always put the client’s interests first, ahead of the broker’s or firm’s.  But it also asks will the rules as laid out actually achieve that goal?

“There is a French proverb that says, ‘What goes without saying goes much better when you say it.’ It’s in that perspective that I like this. It goes without saying that we work for the client, but it goes much better when you say it,” Gadenne added.

As you look at the program for the Summer Conference in Salem, note that Marcia Wagner, Esq. and Kevin Knull, President of MoneyGuidePro will touch on these issues during their Tuesday morning session: “What are the strategic uses of financial planning in general and retirement planning using RIIA’s Household Balance Sheet View℠ in particular under the DOL’s Fiduciary Rule?”

You can find a link to their recent joint webinar on the Rule here.  Click here to read the presentation slides – The New Fiduciary Rules. What Do You Need to Know and Do Now?

Contact Francois Gadenne to find out more about ways in which RIIA may be able to help your company address the challenges of the new Fiduciary Rule or sign up for the 2016 Summer Conference.

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