Online Course

The Retirement Income Industry Association® (RIIA®) launched its online Retirement Management Analyst® (RMA®) designation program with Salem State University in 2015.  The next class will begin September 11, 2017.  Click here to register. Check here for course fee and review pre-qualification requirements.


The RMA program, which is taught only at accredited universities, is recognized as one of the most effective retirement planning designations in the financial community. It arms financial advisors with the knowledge and tools to provide the counseling and planning the public is seeking.

The program offers the best of classroom-based teaching with the flexibility of distance learning.  It incorporates live and recorded expert presentations, discussion groups and interactive engagement around the RMA curriculum and case studies.  The principal instructor is Michael Lonier, RMA®, CEO, Lonier Financial Advisory LLC.

The online Retirement Management Analyst course is for financial advisors with three or more years’ experience seeking to demonstrate to clients and business partners a mastery of the retirement planning advisory process and RIIA’s View Across the Silos℠ approach to achieving clients’ goals.

The course covers the RMA’s distinctive methods for:

  • Implementing a four-part planning framework that starts with a Client Diagnostic Kit that generates Retirement Allocations that are built using the RMA Toolbox within the RMA Practice Management context,
  • Comprehensive retirement planning based on the household balance sheet,
  • Using the client’s cash flow and balance sheet to determine the appropriate application of investment-based planning, goals-based planning, and product-based planning,
  • Generating secure retirement income allocations protected by four risk-management techniques to build Upside, Floor, Longevity, and Reserves,
  • Focusing on goals and successful outcomes, in addition to investment returns and performance, and,
  • A cross-silo approach that embraces products across the investment, banking and insurance spectrum.

The completion of program prepares advisors to take the RMA exam.