Preview RMA® Curriculum


The key components of the Client Diagnostic Kit are:

  • Measures of Fundedness and the Client Segmentation Matrix
  • Fundamental Planning Strategies (Investment, Goals and Product-based)
  • Household Balance Sheet View, Benchmarks and Analysis

SignpostRetirement Allocations

The Retirement Allocations are “Risk Management Allocations” and include:

  • Risk Retention by the client, addressed by diversification among risky assets
  • Risk Management by the client, addressed by giving up future potential to limit downside losses in the future
  • Risk Pooling by the client, addressed by entering into personalized contracts and agreements that create pools/groups
  • Risk Avoidance by the client, addressed by using a range of risk-free assets


The key components of the RMA® Toolbox are:

  • Implementation Process Approaches (e.g. SWP, Ladders, Buckets, etc.)
  • Account Locations (aka Tax Diversification)
  • Product Selections (e.g. Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, TDFs, Annuities, etc.)


The key components of Practice Management are:

  • Ethics
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring