The Cost of the RMA®

What does it cost to become an RMA® graduate and what are the benefits?

Using Salem State University (SSU) as an example (each university with an approved course of study for the RMA sets its own price) becoming an RMA graduate will take about 3 months of calendar time, 120 hours of study, and tuition of $1,600 for RIIA® individual or institutional members or $1,995 for non-members. (Current RMA’s can take the class as a refresher for two years of CE credit for $995.)

You will need to:

  • Take and pass an RMA approved course of study at an accredited university
  • Apply for and be accepted by RIIA for RMA candidacy (no charge)
  • Take and pass RIIA’s online RMA exam ($395)
  • Re-certify annually ($295)*

Upon successful completion of the RMA program, graduates receive a free individual membership in RIIA that includes the following benefits:

  • Use specific and protected RMA marks to distinguish yourself in the retirement field, use on your business cards and stationery (subject to your firm’s compliance policy and RIIA’s logo use policy)
  • Download the Retirement Management Journal® containing articles from leading academics and practitioners on the latest advances in thought leadership in the field and serves as a primary component of the ongoing continuing education
  • Join the Practitioner Peer Review Committee to review or write articles for the Retirement Management Journal
  • Learn from twice-a-month and free webinars with timely presentations on important developments
  • Receive discounts on registration at RIIA conferences
  • Access RIIA’s members only website
  • Read the free executive summaries of RIIA sponsored research studies and receive discounts on the full studies
  • Serve on RIIA committees for additional opportunities to participate with key leaders shaping the retirement income industry

*On the annual anniversary date of receiving the full RMA designation you will need to complete the annual re-certification, based on self-reporting of 20 continuing education (CE) hours, and pay the annual re-certification fee. The re-certification fee includes a RIIA individual membership ($395 value)