RIIA® Intellectual Property

Since RIIA’s founding, the organization has developed intellectual property, which is protected with Registered (®) and Service Marks (). The retirement community may cite these concepts in papers and other materials with appropriate reference to RIIA’s marks and ownership of these concepts, with written permission of RIIA.

The Marks, Logos and Property may not be copied, imitated, or used, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of RIIA.

The Retirement Income Industry Association®, RIIA, is the owner of:

  • “The View Across the SilosSM
  • Retirement Management Journal®, RMJ®, Between the IssuesSM, and logo
  • “First Build a Floor, Then Expose to UpsideSM
  • The Client Diagnostic KitSM
  • “The Power of Distinctions that Make a DifferenceSM
  • The Retirement AllocationsSM
  • Household Balance SheetSM, HHBSSM
  • The RMA® ToolboxSM
  • Household Balance Sheet AnalysisSM
  • RMA® Practice ManagementSM
  • Household Balance Sheet BenchmarkSM
  • Measures of FundednessSM
  • Household Balance Sheet ViewSM
  • The Three DisruptionsSM
  • Household Client Segmentation MatrixSM
  • Retirement Risk MatrixSM
  • Retirement Policy StatementSM
  • U/F/L/R FrameworkSM
  • Wealth and Consumption ManagementSM
  • RIIA®’s Body of KnowledgeSM, RIIA®’s BOKSM
  • Wealth and Consumption PlanningSM
  • RIIA® Market InsightSM, RMISM, and logo
  • The RMA® SignpostsSM
  • RIIA®’s Procedural Prudence MapSM
  • RIIA®’s Retirement Management Analyst®, RMA®

Questions about citations and RIIA’s intellectual property should be addressed to Francois Gadenne at [email protected].