RIIA®’s Founding

Ten years ago, companies and advisors from the insurance, investment management and advisory industries recognized the importance of developing retirement income planning solutions that started with client needs rather than products.  From The Retirement Income Industry Association®’s (RIIA’s) establishment, we have worked with industry leaders on an approach to retirement income planning inclusive of all client needs and industry solutions.

Over the last decade, RIIA and its members have developed and championed concepts including: Measures of FundednessSM, the Household Balance Sheet ViewSM (HHBSSM) and The Retirement AllocationsSM.  These concepts are the basis of RIIA’s asset & liability matching and risk management-based approach to retirement income planning.

RIIA’s complete retirement income planning process goes beyond simply providing investment advice.  Our holistic approach, used by advisors with RIIA’s Retirement Management Analyst® (RMA®) designation, and new planning tools based on RIIA’s Household Balance Sheet view, have kept the organization at the cutting edge of retirement income planning.

The Retirement Income Industry Association is a not-for-profit industry association.  The Association seeks to discover, validate and teach the new realities of retirement and to do so from the perspective of “The View Across the Silos℠”, with the goal of achieving better retirement outcomes.

The RIIA® Body of KnowledgeSM supports its professional designation: the Retirement Management Analyst (RMA).

RIIA organizes conferences and events, professional education for RMAs, publishes a peer-reviewed journal (Retirement Management Journal®), offers twice-monthly retirement-focused webinars through its Virtual Learning Center, manages an 8,000 member LinkedIn discussion group, provides research and other services to the industry and its clients.

In 2010, Kerry Pechter, Editor of the Retirement Income Journal, offered his view on three important characteristics that define RIIA and the birth of the new designation, the Retirement Management Analyst RMA.

In 2015, Kerry updated his initial article with a History of RIIA -The People’s Retirement Industry Group, September 2015 to mark RIIA’s 10th Anniversary and we published an update to RIIA 10th Anniversary Foundational White Paper.


Membership in RIIA provides access to the full range of RIIA Thought Leadership, conferences, Research Committee, Retirement Management Journal back-issues, the Virtual Learning Center catalog of webinars, and much more.

As a member of RIIA you become part of and have access to RIIA’s unique community of retirement thought leaders, practitioners, academics, Retirement Management Analyst designees and advisors.

With a “View Across the Silos”, RIIA membership provides access to a range of perspectives and insights from across product categories and retirement disciplines, that provide perspective across product and industry horizons and create value for institutional and individual members.