RIIA 2016 Summer Conference and RMA Boot Camp

RIIA’s Summer Conference in Salem, “The Next 10 Years in Retirement Best Practices: “Minding The Gaps,” will take place July 18-19, 2016 in the Boston area at Salem State University (SSU) and will focus on helping people move to where they need to be in their retirement planning.

The conference will be followed by a Master-RMA (M-RMA) boot-camp (July 20/21/22, 2016).  The M-RMA program is available to RMA Graduates who seek to develop a deeper mastery of the retirement planning process. Building on the work performed with the M-RMA distance learning program in the weeks before the event, the M-RAM boot-camp will deliver in-depth lectures on directed topics followed by the development of complete cases in a face-to-face environment. The M-RMA students are expected to attend the conference as well as the boot-camp.

The conference will cover topics including:

  • The impact of assessing qualitative client values before developing quantitative goals-based retirement recommendations
  • Measuring risk of ruin with retirement risk models: The evidence for implicit over-optimism in commonly used risk models
  • Retirement risk capacity (feasibility) and risk exposures in the context of RIIA®’s household balance sheet (HHBS)
  • How Thermodynamics can frame the constraints and limitations of retirement plans
  • Portfolio Volatility Risk
  • The impact of Fiduciary Rule(s) on product-based planning and information sharing between fiduciary planners and product providers
  • Best practices for the management and the monitoring of clients’ retirement portfolios
  • How RIIA®’s Procedural Prudence map (PPm) helps customize retirement advisory services to client types

Click here to read the tentative agenda.  Click the links for more about past conferences and sponsorship.