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    The 2016 RMA Practice Manual is now available on Amazon. It is the textbook that supports Week 1 of the RMA Online Program at SSU. Weeks 2 to 8 are supported by a curriculum text published by SSU and not available on Amazon.

    See link below to the recent News&Views with the details you need on the updated RMA Practice Manual:

    If the RMA is not on the approved list of your company, send a copy of this book to your compliance officer.


    Francois Gadenne

    Francois Gadenne

    SSU’s experience with thousands of online programs is reflected in the continuous development of their RMA online class as we now prepare for the September cohort. I am eager to show students new features that provide faster and easier access to the 6th Edition readings and video summaries of the RMA Curriculum.

    The combination of traditional online, “asynchronous”, techniques (readings, videos, webinar replays, etc.) with newer “synchronous” techniques (weekly discussion groups, weekly master practitioner lectures on applying the knowledge to the class-long client case, etc.) prepares students with both “book” learning and “client” practice.


    Francois Gadenne

    Registrations are now open for the April cohort. Make sure to register early. Classes have a limited amount of seats in order to keep the class interactions at an optimum level (as well as the burden on the faculty).


    Francois Gadenne

    The current cohort is in its third week of the nine week online program. Discussions are insightful and as is our practice thus contribute to the continuous development of the curriculum as well as to the continuous improvement of our processes.

    At the process level and new to this cohort is the idea of providing additional CE hours to RMAs who not only study the existing material but also contribute new material, incuding the writing of papers and books. What are your thoughts on how we should rate such material in terms of CE hours?


    Francois Gadenne

    The first week, the orientation week, is coming to an end and with registrations still open to the end of the week-end, this is our largest cohort in our 5 years teaching the RMA.

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    Marcia Mantell

    This was an outstanding class. More challenging than I was expecting - and I got so much more out of it! Every advisor working with clients who want to retire should take this class and earn an RMA.

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