Replay Webinar – Why Retirees Go Broke – May 4

Webinar: Why Retirees Go Broke 

Date: Wednesday, May 4, noon – 1 pm ET

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Expanding on his blog from The Retirement Café earlier this year, RIIA’s 2015 Thought Leadership Award winner will share his insights into recent elder bankruptcy research and the relationship between the risk of bankruptcy and the risk of depleting retirement savings prematurely.


Dirk Cotton, Retirement Finance Blogger

Dirk Cotton is a retired executive of a Fortune 500 technology company. Since retiring in 2005, he has researched and published papers on retirement finance, spoken at retirement industry conferences and events, and regularly posted on retirement finance issues at his blog, The Retirement Cafe. He is currently a Thought Leader at APViewpoint, Advisor Perspectives’ online community of investment advisors and financial planners.

Dirk holds an undergraduate degree in computer science from the University of Kentucky, an MBA from Marymount University, and a certificate in financial planning from Boston University.

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