RIIA® Membership is a Put Option on the Present and a Call Option on the Future

In most business silos, industry players and advisors are facing a tough market with a lot of competition.  Additionally, demographics (retiring Boomers) and technology (robo-anything) are fundamental business disruptions and challenge the stable strategic goals of institutions, thus they require changes that go beyond the traditional tactical adaptations to business as usual.

FINRA’s definitions for “Risk Capacity” and “Risk Willingness” as two components of “Risk Tolerance” under Rule 2111 are particularly relevant to understand the put/call value of becoming a RIIA® member.

RIIA membership provides access to intellectual property and education to improve processes and techniques across “all business silos” in the retirement business, and in the measurement of risk capacity in particular, using the Household Balance Sheet View℠.  This provides a call option on the long-term.

Our I.P. and education also provide a put option in the near term because the DOL’s Fiduciary Rule exacerbates business challenges and accelerates the requisite rate of change and adaption from “perhaps later” to “right now.”  Research by RIIA’s legal team shows that the RMA® curriculum in general and the Household Balance Sheet View in particular appear to be uniquely valuable documentary proof for the DOL’s Best Interest Contract Exemption (BICE).

Thus, access to RIIA’s I.P. and membership is similar to buying a put option for the short term, as well as a call option for the long term, because the combination protects you from what is happening “unexpectedly” in the present and prepares you for what comes next: Wealth and Consumption Planning℠.

To find out more contact Francois Gadenne, Co-Founder, Chairman and Executive Director, RIIA® at [email protected].

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