Previews: RIIA’s Summer Conference Panels

Over the coming months we will be sharing previews of some of the topics to be covered at RIIA®’s upcoming summer conference: “Minding the Gaps:  Helping People Move Where They Need to Be.”  The conference will take place at Salem State University, Salem, MA, 20 miles north of Boston on July 18-19.  See agenda.

Francois Gadenne and Kerry Uffman, PFS, CFP®, CFA®, RICP and RMA®, will present the RMA’s Procedural Prudence map℠ and how it can be used as a road map for the entire retirement territory in their presentation:

The value of data gathering and integration in a comprehensive framework: How RIIA®’s Procedural Prudence map (PPm) helps customize retirement advisory services to client types above and beyond the six services in Morningstar’s Gamma?

Gadenne will provide an overview of where the six services of Morningstar’s Gamma fit on the Procedural Prudence map and how professionals can use the map to identify which of these six, and other services, they can use for specific client types.

Uffman will detail his practical approach to implementing a retirement management consulting program for his CPA firm, drawing upon RIIA’s approach and philosophy.

“I flowcharted the RIIA process, so my colleagues in my CPA firm could follow a program of work flowchart through a five client consultative meetings process,” said Uffman.  “I’ll share the process of how the Procedural Prudence map can be used to guide meetings in a real world context.”

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