Webinar Replay: How Risky is Your Retirement Income Risk Model? – Feb 17

Webinar Replay: How Risky is Your Retirement Income Risk Model?

Click here to Replay this Webinar from Wednesday, February 17th.

There are numerous modeling approaches available to determine the chance that a portfolio’s investment strategy is suitable for its cash flow requirements. Unfortunately, many commonly used retirement income models are based on implausible assumptions that may mislead investors regarding the risk and return expectations of their retirement investment strategies.
This presentation succinctly reviews various retirement income modeling methods including historical back testing and Monte Carlo simulations, comparing outputs, evaluating credibility, and demonstrating how an oversimplified model may gravely misconstrue the risks faced by retired investors.



Huy Lam, CFS, CFA, Schultz Collins, Inc.

Mr. Lam holds the Certified Funds Specialist designation from the Institute of Business and Finance, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He earned his BA in Economics, with a focus on financial economics, from the University of California, Berkeley. He is a member of the Academy of Financial Services and has written articles on the topic of retirement income for the Financial Services Review.

Click here to Replay this Webinar

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  1. Profile photo of Francois Gadenne says

    This presentation was very instructive, including lessons about using:
    – the Venn Diagram to develop a map and paths for specific types of retirement plans for further analysis
    – the Risk Model Grid to understand the differences between the risk models and the reasons for the specific analytical differentiation between the models
    – the related software platform to compare model outputs as a way to benchmark the validity of research

    The authors will join us during the Summer Conference Conference in Salem (July 18/19) as well as the Mater RMA boot-camp (July 20-22) to discuss these and other issues in more details.

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