Welcome to RIIA®’s New Website

FrancoisGadenne RIIA’s new website provides access to an invaluable asset: Validated Knowledge.  With more than 10 years of client-focused retirement experience, RIIA is a unique resource for retirement insights, concepts, tools, white papers, conferences, education and knowledge, developed by RIIA thought leaders, academics and practitioners. RIIA offers the most objective, defensible process that “minds the gaps” in the traditional planning processes. With its “View Across the SilosSM” perspective, RIIA is a neutral, Switzerland-like association with a focus on helping the industry achieve the best outcomes for clients, irrespective of products. Our mission to “Discover, Validate and Teach the New Realities of Retirement,” is embodied in this new site as is our commitment to innovative ideas and approaches for partnering with the industry and advisers to achieve client goals. The website was developed as an engagement platform – a place where we share news and information in real time, make it simple for visitors to find out more about RIIA and also share perspective directly on the site. By registering, you can post comments on articles, contribute to the RMA® Discussion Forum, add retirement-related events on the calendar, and as a Member or Supporter of RIIA, post your company’s information directly on the site.  (Note:  Members’ RIIA username and passwords are required to access the Members Area.  See link at the top of the home page.  To post information on the site users will need to Register here.) The website is an entry point to find out more about the value and benefits of RIIA membership, the Retirement Management Journal® and the Retirement Management Analyst® designation. The site will be constantly updated, so we encourage you to register to share your perspective and subscribe to receive news via email.  We also invite you to join RIIA to have full access through the Members Area to all of our content and archives. This is an exciting time for RIIA. We are well-positioned to help the industry navigate the new fiduciary landscape with our unique planning process tools. Join industry colleagues who serve on the board, our leadership team and research committees in developing the next decade of retirement solutions. Francois Gadenne, Co-Founder, Chairman and Executive Director  Contact me at:  [email protected] 

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