Previews: New RMJ® Paper - How Family Caregiving and Living Arrangements Relate to Long-Term Care

A new paper, “Often Overlooked Issues in Retirement Planning – How Family Caregiving and Living Arrangements Relate to Long-Term Care,” by Sandra Timmermann, Ed.D, and Anna Rappaport, FSA, MAAA, will be published in the upcoming Retirement Management Journal® (RMJ®).

One of the big risks facing Americans as they age is the need for long-term care.  While most long-term care is provided on an informal basis by family and friends, the cost of that care is often not considered in planning for retirement by either the person who receives care or by the caregiver.  But such care has a major consequence for individuals and families, and for the community.

Timmermann and Rappaport look at long-term care from the perspective of the adviser helping clients think through these challenges.  It deals with issues other than long-term care insurance and includes a discussion of:

  • The impact of caregiving on the retirement security of the caregiver
  • Providing care for family members at home and community solutions
  • How housing options interact with long-term care needs
  • Background statistics on long-term care and caregiving
  • Involving family in the planning discussion and planning for a support network

The full paper will appear in the next RMJ – due out in early July, 2016.

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