Summer is the New Spring and Fall: RIIA®’s Summer Conference

We’ve had a few members ask whether or not we’ll also be organizing a Fall or Spring Conference, since over the last 10 years RIIA® has organized 19 conferences that took place in the Spring and in the Fall.

In recent years advisors asked that we move the Spring Conference because it conflicted with the excess work load of the tax season.  We also noticed that many new retirement conferences started to crowd out the Fall schedule.

This year, we decided to evolve the format, the location and the program of our conferences as follows:

  • We now have one conference per year, a Summer Conference.
  • The 2016 conference will take place at Salem State, a university that teaches the RMA® designation.
  • Thus the dress code is primarily business casual instead of primarily suit and tie.
  • Its program is shaped by practicing RMA students and graduates who seek increased engagement with manufacturers, distributors and vendors around specific questions and best practice issues.
  • We bring together a distinguished group of advisors, industry leaders and academics as speakers and participants in a format that encourages networking.
  • We continue to offer our pre-conference programs for RMA CEs, RMJ paper peer-review and VLC webinar Presenters meeting.
  • We now offer a post-conference program for RMAs in good-standing: The Master-RMA boot-camp followed by the Master-RMA exam.

In short, our Summer Conference which takes place on July 18-19, offers RIIA members and industry leaders a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and companies who contribute to or seek to learn about RIIA’s View Across The Silos℠ philosophy and retirement planning insights.

So don’t miss the conference.  You can see the program agenda here.

Register to join us.

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