RIIA’s Summer Conference Topics – Benchmarking Best Practices for the Management of Client Portfolios?

A presentation at RIIA’s Summer Conference will be “Putting it all together: What are the benchmarking best practices for the management and the monitoring of your clients’ retirement portfolios?”

Among the many topics discussed in this session we will highlight the value of the RMA® framework as a canvas designed to map all retirement client issues, process solutions, industry products and account structures that RIIA® can document and validate.

It will discuss our methods of validation including academic and practitioner peer-reviews.

Two metrics of particular relevance will be discussed:

  • Can you describe the client segment that will benefit the most from this item?
  • Can you express this item in terms of risk management techniques allocations?

The Measures of Fundedness℠ are a metric of relevance.

The Retirement Allocations℠  are a metric of completeness.

Using RIIA’s Procedural Prudence Map gives a sense of the full canvas of the RMA framework because it summarizes the retirement levels of service that we have validated.

If you want to chart the course of your retirement practice using RIIA’s Procedural Prudence Map, join us in Salem in July for the Summer Conference.

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