Preview: The Intersection of Retirement-Income Planning and Special-Needs Planning

A new paper, “The Intersection of Retirement-Income Planning and Special-Needs Planning”, a paper by Anthony R. Bartlett, ChFC, CASL, AEP® and Neil D. Blicher, MBA, CFP®, is to be published in the next Retirement Management Journal® (RMJ®).

The intersection of retirement-income planning and special-needs planning frequently means areas of conflict rather than areas of synergy, as resources either must support clients in retirement or their special-needs dependent, and generally cannot accomplish both goals.

There are no simple answers for these areas of conflict; rather, these intersection points require a case-by-case analysis. Nonetheless, it is important for practitioners to understand these areas to assist in designing adequate strategies for their clients.

Bartlett and Blicher identify four points of potential conflict where care must be taken to find a balance between the retiree and the dependent’s needs, maximizing resources through the careful utilization of legal tools, tax strategy, investments and government benefits. They provide some key considerations for creating the balance, minimizing the conflict and providing the most secure solution for the client and their dependent.

Learn more by reading the full paper, to be published in the upcoming issue of the RMJ – due out this month.

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