Webinar - Pass Down Wisdom with Wealth - Sept. 7

Pass Down Wisdom with Wealth

Date: Wednesday, September 7, noon - 1 pm ET


An Allianz survey asked Baby Boomers to rank priorities when granting an inheritance. By a factor of 8-1 they prefer passing down family history, stories and life lessons above financial assets. In this webinar you will learn how to fill this high demand need and, by doing so, generate a pipeline of referrals, strengthen relationships, and avoid losing over 66% of your clients during the greatest transfer of wealth in history. (Source: Investor Resource)


Dennis Stack, Co-Founder, Living Legacy Project

Dennis is co-founder of the Living Legacy Project whose mission it is to give families free resources to record and pass down their elders’ life lessons and values before they are lost forever.

He is a former Senior VP-Business Development for Paine Webber, bringing with him a unique perspective on how estate planners and wealth managers can help clients pass down their wisdom along with their wealth to the next generation.

Dennis co-developed the Legacy Stories Client Enrichment and Retention System to empower financial advisors with tools and incentives that help their clients build the family legacy. To learn more go to www.LegacyStories.Org/RIIA


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