Perspectives: The Impacts of the Fiduciary Rule(s) – Summer Conference Panel

During our 2016 Summer Conference at Salem State University in Salem, MA, Joan Boros, Counsel at Stradley Ronon Stevens and Young, LLP will moderate a presentation on the Fiduciary Rule.

The panel, “The many impacts of the Fiduciary Rule(s): How do we experience the limits of product-based planning and the implications of sharing retirement plan information in the interactions between fiduciary planners and product providers?,” is just one example of the ways RIIA® is providing insights into this issue.

True to our “View Across The Silos”℠ organizational DNA, over the coming weeks and months RIIA will continue to provide a range of expert interpretations of the Fiduciary Rule(s), as well as its unique perspective from having members and officers that walk the path of the client.

You can read recent News & Views Commentary on the Fiduciary Rule by Fred Reish and Marcia Wagner, as well as the Perspectives articles we have shared on this topic.  You can also find them grouped and framed with key questions and comments in our “Discuss” area.

At a time when the industry is trying to figure out the implications of the rules for specific businesses and grapple with their consequences, we believe that sharing insights from different vantage points, the very nature of the “view across the silos,” provides valuable perspective not easily found elsewhere.

With advisors, industry representatives and clients as members of RIIA, we have a deep experience of, and a view shaped by, the client experience.  And, as we look at the rule, we believe a focus on understanding the evolving expectations of clients in the new fiduciary age is critical.

For example, have you recently tried to buy an annuity from a product provider while working with your fiduciary planner because it is something that you need as part of the buy/sell matrix in your retirement plan?  Some of us have and thus experienced first-hand how the purchasing process has been disrupted by the expectations for the new rule.

At RIIA we know first-hand about disruptions and challenges from all sides (See “The Three Disruptions” as a standard curriculum item in our RMA® Desktop Reference Book Glossary).  In the coming weeks and at the summer conference we will address questions such as:  How should product providers interact with the fiduciary planner as well as the client under the new rule?  What will clients expect from their advisors in the new fiduciary age?

To learn more from experts, advisors and clients, register now to join us in Salem, July 18/19, 2016.  Remember the early bird 20% discount expires on April 30.

Francois Gadenne
Co-Founder, Chairman, Executive Director

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