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Access a network of peers across the financial industry to:

Membership in RIIA offers unlimited access to the full range of RIIA content including: Thought leadership papers, conference and seminar presentations, Research Committee reports, Retirement Management Journal® back-issues, the Virtual Learning Center catalog of webinars, and more. In addition, institutional membership includes the free opt-in individual memberships for all employees and the ability to join the Board of Directors.

As a member of RIIA you become part of a unique community of practitioners, academics, Retirement Management Analyst graduates, and retirement thought leaders including Michael Kitces. Read why Kitces calls RIIA’s 2017 Summer Conference, Minding the Gaps: Mapping Compliance Solutions for The DOL’s Fiduciary Rule and Beyond..., the “Best Conference On Retirement Planning: RIIA Summer Conference 2017“.

With a “View Across the Silos℠”, RIIA delivers a range of perspectives and insights from across product categories and financial industry disciplines to create differentiating value for individual and institutional members. You can demonstrate your visible commitment to creating solutions in this evolving market through conference and thought leadership sponsorship opportunities.

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