Financial Wellness Explored Through SOA Award Winning Papers

Financial wellness is a topic that receives increasing attention every year.  The Society of Actuaries (SOA) has published a collection of 14 essays from actuaries and non-actuaries that explore financial wellness issues. These papers provide a thought-provoking array of views and perspectives which add to the discussion of important financial wellness issues.

Six essays were chosen as award winners:

First Prize

  • Greg Ward – Calculating ROI: Measuring the Benefits of Workplace Financial Wellness

Second Prize

  • Tianyang Wang – Fighting Procrastination for Financial Wellness – Harness the Power of Inertia
  • Julie Stich – What Makes a Workplace Financial Wellness Program Successful?

Third Prize

  • Ken Steiner – Using Sound Actuarial Principles to Enhance Financial Well-Being
  • Jack Towarnicky – The 401k as a Lifetime Financial Wellness Solution
  • Scot Marcotte & John Larson – Financial Wellbeing as a Technology Solution

Financial wellness concepts and programs have become an increasingly important area for both employers and employees to consider as greater responsibility for financial planning and retirement security has been shifted to individuals. This essay collection was sponsored by the Society of Actuaries’ Committee on Post-Retirement Needs and Risks (CPRNR) and is part of an ongoing essay series exploring different topics related to managing post-retirement risks.  You can find all of the published essays on the SOA website.

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