Perspectives: As DOL Rules Released – A Focus at Tiburon CEO Summit on Client-Focused Planning (RIIA®’s Approach for a Decade)

With attendees at Tiburon’s 30th CEO Summit anticipating today’s announcement of the new DOL Fiduciary Rule, the implications of the rule were a consistent theme across Tuesday’s presentations and discussions.

As a participant at the event, my takeaway from Tiburon Strategic Advisors’ presentations was the importance of focusing on retirement planning as the what’s next for the industry after product selling, investment management and wealth management.

Having heard presentations by providers of financial planning software for advisors, it was clear that they were zeroing in on the importance not just of planning, but “quality” planning as a solution to the DOL rule.

Since the organization’s founding, RIIA®’s approach has always started with the client.  Our unique View Across the Silos℠ perspective, Retirement Management Analyst® curriculum and RMA® Procedural Prudence Map are benchmarks for quality in retirement planning.

RIIA is focused on creating better client outcomes.  This is our DNA and reflected in our client book which was published yesterday.

I encourage you to reach out to me to find out more about ways in which RIIA can be a resource for navigating the new Fiduciary Age.

Francois Gadenne
Co-Founder, Chairman and Executive Director
[email protected]

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