About RIIA®

RIIA provides members with the market’s best performing asset: Validated Knowledge.

RIIA gives you access to over ten years of client-focused experience with researchers and peers who belong to a thousand-strong network of clients, advisors, vendors, distributors and manufacturers.

Together, we are building the most objective, rigorous, comprehensive and tool-enabled body of knowledge for retirement income planning in the Fiduciary Age.

The most objective, defensible process that “minds the gaps” in the traditional planning processes

RIIA was founded as the “View Across the Silos℠” to create a neutral, Switzerland-like association that does not lobby and which has the mission to “Discover, Validate and Teach the New Realities of Retirement”.

Demonstrate to your clients that your retirement training makes you uniquely qualified to earn their business, to solve their retirement problems and justifies your associated fees.

Reliable content based on rigorous academic and practitioner peer-review

Membership in RIIA offers unlimited access to the full range of RIIA content including: Thought leadership papers, conference and seminar presentations, Retirement Management Journal® back-issues, the Virtual Learning Center catalog of webinars, and more (i.e. RIIA’s intellectual property).  Non-members have free access limited to the “Between the Issues” pdf downloads and the twice-monthly webinars. The general public, including clients worldwide, have access to RIIA’s books and journals on Amazon.com.

Professional education that maps a complete view of the retirement territory

RIIA’s structural objectivity makes it a natural map-maker for the entire retirement territory. Comprehensive and inclusive map-making is the basis of the Retirement Management Analyst® (RMA®) curriculum as summarized in RIIA’s Procedural Prudence MapSM.

Exclusive tools to create comprehensive, client-specific outcomes

Learn about the independent software application that implements the RMA curriculum, the R-MAP Planner.

Proven value for business growth based on 10 years of client-centric experience

Read about the value our members received in the last 10 years and what they expect to receive in the next 10 years.

Separate yourself from other advisors without specific retirement training, increasing your ability to obtain new customers and assets.